Who is the Ideal DocShelf Reseller?

Selling DocShelf is Easy!

If you are involved in any of the following industries, DocShelf is the perfect value-added service to enhance your customers’ document management needs. Click on the sections below to learn how DocShelf helps each industry.


Document Scanning Providers

If you typically scan client documents to a CD or DVD, or transfer them via FTP, you might be looking for a document management system that is affordable and simple to set up and use (unlike those others you have tried in the past). With DocShelf, you can quickly upload all scanned documents—along with their metadata—to the cloud, giving your clients instantaneous access. Our system is even HIPAA compliant for medical records.

IT Consultants

Because your firm provides technology guidance to clients, you are well aware that using local client-server technologies is not the most cost-effective solution—due to frequent software upgrades, required security patch installations and the need to perform maintenance on both hardware and software. Since DocShelf’s entire system is in the cloud, we are able to perform updates and improvements on our servers so all of our clients automatically receive the fixes. Integrating our document management solution into your customers’ processes will address their core record-keeping and compliance needs.

Document Management Software (DMS) Resellers

As a DMS reseller, you are no doubt familiar with the hurdles of installing complicated software modules and setting up servers. Not to mention that every few years the software, and usually the hardware as well, needs to be upgraded. Using DocShelf’s web-based document management system, you can have your clients up and running in less than five minutes. You can start earning a hefty commission without investing a single penny…and best of all, we do your monthly billing and send you a check every month.

Accounting/Tax Software Resellers

Ah, the joys of collecting receipts and other tax records on behalf of your disorganized clients! Good luck tracking down exactly the ones you need somewhere in their file cabinets, boxes or even in a storage unit. But no matter how challenging, our tax laws require you to keep records to support the income, expenses and credits reported on each income tax form you file. Fortunately for you, this is where DocShelf really shines! Our system allows you to quickly scan and index any supporting document with nearly instantaneous recovery for internal use and audit. Take that, IRS!

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software Resellers

When it comes to document storage, the medical industry has been one of the last modernization holdouts. Although the recent HITECH Act 2009 encourages the adoption of electronic health records(EHR), upgrading to a new system still requires converting paper charts, files and forms. DocShelf provides an easy way to import medical documents and make them instantly accessible…no more stuffed file cabinets or computer folders with countless PDF files. Best of all, DocShelf is 100% secure and HIPAA compliant.


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