Why DocShelf?

How DocShelf Benefits You and Your Customers


Sure, there are other document management systems out there…but most are saddled with complicated reseller programs and include expensive, bloated software that is tough to sell. We created DocShelf to be headers and footers above them all!

Our web-based system is simple to set up (in just 5 minutes!) and easy to use, with NO servers to purchase or software to upgrade. And our hassle-free reseller program is just as streamlined…you only pay for space that you use with unlimited number of users!

DocShelf is extremely flexible, allowing you to customize any account and accommodate specific types of documents without leaving your browser. Documents can be accessed from anywhere 24/7, and restricted to specific users in your customer’s organization using our advanced access control system. All files are encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption (used by banking institutions), both in transit and at rest. What’s more, our system complies with stringent HIPAA, SEC and SOX regulations for document storage.


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