Using ScanSnap S1500 with DocShelf’s One Button Indexing System

DocShelf is a web based system for storing, retrieving, and working with scanned paper documents. By paring up Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 scanner with DocShelf, scanning and indexing of paper files becomes a one button operation. To set up your ScanSnap S1500 for use with DocShelf, follow these simple steps.

STEP 1 – Create a DocShelf Account and Download/Install DocShelf Uploader

After you have created an account with DocShelf, you will be prompted to download and install DocShelf Uploader for Windows. After an installation of DocShelf Uploader, you will need to enter your username and password created during the registration process. Once you have entered your credentials, DocShelf Uploader will not prompt you again.

STEP 2 – Create a Scan to Folder

Create a New Folder on your Desktop called “Scans” where scanned documents are going to land from the ScanSnap scanner.

STEP 3 – Configure ScanSnap Scanner to Scan to a Folder

Open ScanSnap Manager either by selecting it from All Programs list or from a system tray.

Uncheck “Use Quick Menu” Selection and select “None (Scan to File)” in Application drop down menu.

Select “Save” Tab and browse to the “Scans” Folder created in Step 2. Click “OK” when done.

STEP 4 – Configure DocShelf Uploader

Open DocShelf Uploader by clicking on the DocShelf icon on your Desktop. Click on “Settings” and select “Watched Folders” Tab.

Click “Add” and navigate to the “Scans” Folder created in Step 2. Click “OK” when done.

Start Scanning and Indexing your Paper Documents

Now you are ready to start scanning and indexing your documents with one button operation. Position your document(s) in the ScanSnap S1500 scanner and press the “Scan” button. After the scan has completed, DocShelf Uploader will automatically prompt you to index scanned document(s). After you are done indexing, click “Finish”. The document(s) will be uploaded to DocShelf.